Exploring… I guess (Blog I)

Exploring… I guess (Blog I)

Bárbara taking her online course ON online tools

Hola a todos! As you may know, this is my first post after an extended exploration of creating a blog. For some reason, I thought that maybe it would be a little easier for me because I have always enjoyed what social networks are, writing and creating content, but it presented a level of complexity for me.

As I mentioned, I am not from Canada but Chile; therefore, English is a second language, and Spanish is my mother tongue, which sometimes makes any activity I want to do a bit difficult. However, it excites and motivates me to have the chance to solve any obstacle or barrier that comes my way.

In my formal university, I have taken a couple of courses that have brought me closer to specific programs for teachers. It has also helped me get closer to this valuable tool, the internet, and its resources.

As I continue on a constant learning journey, a valuable task is to continue knowing twitter and its possibilities. I will leave mine here, @BarbCeazurita, so you can follow me and share this process with me. I hope everyone has a beautiful day full of good energy!


4 thoughts on “Exploring… I guess (Blog I)

  1. Hi Barbara! Looking forward to getting to know you and more about your Chilean identity as well as your Canadian journey. I can definitely see how some aspects could be difficult post-secondary language barrier wise, but good for you for taking on the challenge! It will help so many students in a similar position. Best of luck!

  2. Hi Barbara,
    I can understand your motivation to teach Spanish all over the world. I had the opportunity to spend 10 years of my life in Brazil and I think that like Portuguese, Spanish is a romantic language. I wish you all the best in your exchange program.

    1. Thank you so much, Jean-Paul! Latin American languages bring a lot of culture behind them. I wish you luck too!

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