We are moving on the right path!

We are moving on the right path!

Hola a todos! I hope you are having a wonderful week because I am.
I’ve been in Regina for a month and 11 days now (yes, I’m counting the days), and I am adjusting much better. I remember my first two weeks and how I missed my family, and even if that is still the case, I could say that I found something very similar here.
I know this is a learning blog, so I would also like to share: learning to miss, love, and adapt.

It is difficult for those who have not been in a situation like mine (and for most international and exchange students). Not difficult like “I cry for a little while, and then I’m fine,” but instead like “every day I miss my family, my house, the food, and even the smell of what I know, but I still have to continue living my life” more like that.

It is a whole process where you must find your place, where you question who you are, what you know, and what path you must follow. You realize that everything you have learned is not the same for everyone, that the world is bigger than you and that those around you are not secondary characters in a movie. You learn to be kind, care about others, and take care of money and food. You learn to feel bad, to orient yourself, and order yourself.

Traveling away is learning to live another life, and without romanticizing it, it’s not like you see on TikTok or Instagram; no one uploads a video of themselves crying (or maybe someone does it, lol)

To miss: It’s okay, it’s normal, it makes you human. You are not weak or a person who is not made to travel, do not think that anyone else feels like you. Take this feeling as something necessary to love more strongly, to treasure those moments that seem mundane and unimportant. Every moment is precious, be it sad or happy. Miss with force!

To love: Love as much as possible, for a day, a month, or your whole life! You deserve to be loved, you deserve to love, and you deserve to love yourself. Take care and listen to yourself. Do you need a hug? Hug firmly. Do you feel sad? It is not necessary to isolate yourself. Do you feel happy? Please share it with the world! Be expressive, and don’t be afraid of attention.

Adapting: ​​It’s possible. Step by step, the first two weeks will be difficult, maybe the first month, but you can; I believe in you and what tells us that we can do what we want in this world. Meet and marvel at what this process has for you, culture, studies, friends, and growth.

Canada is great, but it wouldn’t be the same without Mar, Alexa, and Marisol (who I know are intrigued to know what’s going on with my blog and Twitter, lol). I feel very grateful for them and, of course, for having learned to knit! Ps: A little more thankful for them tho, hahaha.

Mar correcting my stitches in the cafe
Alexa and Marisol prevented me from getting lost on the bus (again)

In other news…

The scarf is well on its way and should be about halfway done by now. If you remember my post TAKING ADVICE FROM THE ROOMIES (GOES WRONG?), you will remember that I said it was going to be halfway done a week ago. Still, the reality is that it is a slightly longer process for those who have never knitted, so maybe by December, I will finish it; IT’S A JOKE! or maybe not, lol.
Have a good weekend, even though we are still in the middle of the week!!

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