First project, done!

First project, done!

Hola a todos!

Guess what… my scarf is complete! *applause* Thank you, I’m happy and proud too. It looks beautiful and a little short, but at least I’ll be wearing it for the first snowfall in Regina, and I’m excited about that.

At the moment, I am on what will probably be my only trip to Canada. We rented a car with Mariela, Marisol, Alexa, and her boyfriend, Jorge (who came romantically from Mexico to see her). We left Regina to Medicine Hat, Calgary, Canmore, Banff, and Lake Louise (I climbed a mountain and survived!) Jasper, Edmonton, and now on my way to Vancouver. Five Latinos, with one car, lots of Bad Bunny music, and a Tim Horton’s caramel Ice cap at every stop. We’re making it, and it will stay in my memory forever.
I’ve had plenty, but plenty, of time to reflect in the car, and I’m already thinking about the next thing I want to knit, a drum roll, please: a bag. Yes, like the cloth ones you take to the supermarket. I need one. On this trip, I realized how much I needed one, and it would be fun to use a different color. I’ll try another knit soon, even though the one I used on the scarf will remain my favorite because of how uniform it is.

I’ll be posting news about it soon. See you!


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