Expanding my Horizons

Expanding my Horizons

This week I continued on my Duolingo journey, while also watching some YouTube videos as well. I am now on day 21 of my Duolingo streak and I am still on section 1, Unit 2.

I am feeling like I am very behind but I do know that I have learned a lot already and I am proud of myself. It isn’t easy to learn a new language and I think I expected to pick it up a lot quicker than I have but I have realized that is just not realistic.

Here are the YouTube videos I watched this week:

The pictures below show some of the new phrases I learned this week:

In both of the videos I got to hear and see the french pronunciation, as well as see what each phrase meant in English. In each video I practiced pronouncing the French phrases as well.

The second video was quite hard but I think it challenged me a lot and I am going to continue to keep pushing myself to do harder things.

Next week, I will make some videos of me speaking French for you all, so stay tuned!!

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