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Twitter Isn’t Just For Celebrities?

Hello everyone!

This past week my EDTC 300 class took part in the #saskedchat. Have you ever heard of it? I hadn’t until I was in it! The #saskedchat is hosted on Twitter, and it is for the teacher community to come together to chat! The host tweets out a series of questions, and then everyone participating tweets back and interacts with each other. Cool right?! I think that this is such a neat idea that brings teachers together! It really did feel like a big community while we were tweeting away. Also not a big deal, but my newest fan, @googledrive, really liked what I had to say about them…

As per my Twitter usage, before this class, I only thought it was a place for celebrities to share not such interesting information and Donald Trump to ramble… BUT has my mind changed! Twitter is really so much more than that. I can really see myself using it in the classroom. HELLO 21st CENTURY. I’m thinking that I couldn’t set something like the #SaskEdChat up for my classroom. We could use it as a way of reviewing a topic or brainstorming ideas.

Technology is not just a tool. It can give learners a voice they might not have had before

George Couros

I think that taking part in the #SaskEdChat was a great resource in terms of professional development. This was one of the first times that I was in the position of being a teacher and viewed as a teacher. I expected class that night to have gone much differently. Sometimes I find myself just sitting behind my computer all day, reading, writing and responding to assignments- This change-up in a class really gave me all the teacher feels, and I loved it! Working, thinking, and responding with fellow educators was empowering in a way. The community aspect I am still blown away from and is probably my favourite feature of Twitter! Who would have thought? A community… on Twitter? YES!


  • Kassia Nameth

    Hello Caelyn! Might I just say that I love the humble brag about google drive bahaha! I totally relate to being blown away by the teaching community on twitter, I never would have thought!

  • Janelle Boutin

    Hey Caelyn!
    SO COOL THAT @googledrive responded to you on Twitter during our #saskedchat!!
    I too used to think that Twitter was a platform used by “celebrities” or other overrated people where they shared pointless information BUT I have come to realize Twitter is WAY MORE than that! I definitely feel that sense of community on Twitter thanks to this EDTC 300 class and #saskedchat….. something I didn’t think Twitter would be capable of doing! Glad you’re getting all those “teacher-feels”, too!

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