Rooting for Procreate

This week I decided to tackle some simple-looking plants and leaves. I am a plant mom at heart so I was really excited to try drawing these babies!

The video I used to help me this week took a watercolour approach to fill in the leaves. The video also included a free watercolour paper background that I was able to download. I have never used anything other than just the default background that Procreate uses, so it was exciting seeing how the brushes hit the paper differently!

I started with a video that took me through drawing different leaves, and this was super helpful for when I was drawing without the guidance of the video. The biggest thing I found that I struggled with in this video was drawing plants that were not a straight-on view. When a plant was on an angle, I really struggled to make them look natural and pretty. I am still practicing this, but I went for all flat leaves, face-up, and straight on for my final design.

After this, I went to the second video that went with a watercolour approach. In this video, I learnt a ton about the app Procreate itself and some tips and tricks that make drawing a lot easier! Here is the print I made with the watercolour style of plants.

From here, I am moving onto some leaves with stems/ simplistic botanicals. I hope that it will be a little bit more ascetically appealing and start a good “theme” for me to follow for the rest of my #learningproject!


  • Amanda Brace

    Wow! You have such an incredible talent. I am amazed at how you can learn a new technique so quickly. Thank you for walking us through your process of how you used the tutorial videos to learn the new drawing skills and then the Procreate app to practice and make your final drawing. One suggestion for next time is to highlight more of the positives and negatives of the Procreate app itself. I would love to hear more of your thoughts on the features and some of the drawbacks of the app. Thank you for taking the time to share your talents and experiences. You truly have a gift! Wonderful job.

  • Laura Fiddler

    Hey Caelyn!
    I love living vicariously through your Procreate endeavours! I have an ancient iPad that hardly functions anymore so Procreate is not an option on there lol. I like seeing the images of your practice botanicals, they are so pretty. I also really appreciate the visual appeal of the watercolour technique! I personally want to make one of these: someday from a photo of my partner and I! Keep up the amazing work Caelyn. Can’t wait to see next weeks post.

    • Caelyn Hembroff

      Hi Laura! Thank you for your kind words 🙂 I love that video you shared I might just have to use it for some inspiration in some of my upcoming posts. If you had a photo that I could use send it my way on Slack and I can practice using your photo and forward it to you afterwards!

  • Jesse Braden

    Hey Caelyn,

    I really enjoyed reading your post. This is all new to me so I find it very interesting. As someone who is doing painting for my learning project it is cool to see how this is going for you. Your art looks really cool and I really liked your resources. I look forward to seing what is next.

    • Caelyn Hembroff

      Hi Jesse! Thank you for your comment. I will have to check out your blog! It is super interesting using different medias to create art. Painting is next on my list!

  • Callen Boutin

    Hey Caelyn,
    Procreate really looks like it has been working for you; the print looks really good! I am by no means an artist, so it is really cool seeing your skills advance so swiftly as it reminds me that anyone can be an artist. Great job!

    • Caelyn Hembroff

      Callen! I am sure you are a much better artist than you think- and you are SO right anyone can do it. I think it is trendy now to be abstract so we can say that is what you’re going for? Hahaha but thank you for your comment!

  • Mitchell Smith

    Hi Caelyn,

    Your work is very well done! I find what you have done with your blog and with your art to be very pleasing to the eye. The color you use is calming and helps me as a viewer narrow in on your blog. I also love the organization and time you have put in. As for the art I am terrible when it comes to drawing however, I would like to give it a shot after reading your blog. Your attention to detail shows in your work! Keep it up and look forward to viewing more of your art.

    • Caelyn Hembroff

      Hi Mitchell! thank you for reading my blog! I am so glad that you like what I am doing, I cant wait to share more. It is great getting feedback on things such as colours, I will continue to use colours like these!

  • Janelle Boutin

    Hey Caelyn!
    WOW!!! Your work looks GREAT! I enjoyed checking out the videos you linked into your post, as they gave me a better understanding of Procreate and what you can actually do on the app! I’m excited to see what else you create! (also, clever title, it made me laugh!).

  • Kelsey Potoma

    Wow – you are talented and continuously improving on your technique. I am glad you were able to find new ways to bring things you love (plants) into your learning project. I can’t wait to see more! I have heard a lot about procreate and it is so cool to be able to see how you are using it.

    Great work! I look forward to seeing what you do over the next few weeks.

    – Kelsey

  • Ciera Romanow

    Hello Caelyn!
    I am amazed with your talent and how fast you can catch onto someone and to be able to teach yourself something so quickly. When I was looking at things to do for my Learning Project I was considering to do procreate but my iPad was too old for it. I also love plants and I think you did such a good job drawing the leaves and adding the watercolors.
    Thank you for sharing!

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