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Learning Project X International Woman’s Day

Hey everyone!

This week for my learning project, I wanted to do something incorporating International Women’s Day. Every year I use this day to think about all of the amazing women in my life and in Canadian history.

For this week’s drawing, I got all of my inspiration from Pinterest. I spent more time than I would like to admit looking at different drawings and getting inspired! After I had a good idea of what I wanted to do, I uploaded an image onto procreate and traced out the general face shape. This is one of the many benefits of digital drawing!

The photo I used is a really good friend of mine. Her determination, drive and kind heart pushes me to be my best self every day. She is a pillar in my life, so I wanted to incorporate her into my International Woman’s Day drawing!

My print!

When I started this I wasn’t completely sure how it was going to look at the end since I was just kind of doing my own thing. After I finished I went in with the eraser tool on her chin, hairline and neck. I LOVE the way that this looked so then I added some more detail with the black ink technical pen to do some other outlines.

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Im sorry (no i’m not) Retrieved from Pintrest

The one thing that I find to love most about Procreate is how adaptable it is. With digital drawing, it is as easy as hitting the back button to get rid of something that you dont like. Or if you royally screw up you can just select what you did and delete it. That being said…having those abilities can work against you as well- I think that some of the best pieces of art come from mistakes!

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How it feels when I first start my print

Next week: I want to hear what you think! Should I do a plant-based print, a quote-based or a person-based print?? Let me know in the comments!


  • Callen Boutin

    The print turned out great Caelyn! I’ve never used procreate before, but I might just have to give it a go after viewing your blog. I vote for another person based print!

  • Payge Langmo

    Caelyn, I absolutely love this print and the meaning behind it! I love that you were able to create this beautiful piece as a representation of this amazing person in your life! As a succulent lover, I definitely vote for a plant-based print next week, but I know that which ever one you decide to go with, it’s going to turn out beautiful! Can’t wait to see it!!

  • Haley Begrand

    Wow, Caelyn! Your art piece is truly amazing!! I’ve got a question for you – would you ever accept a commission project? I have a small business where I sell my handmade earrings, and the style of portrait you drew of your friend is exactly the style I love, and you are so talented. If I were to pay you and send you a picture, could you turn it into one of those drawings for me for my business? We can chat about it through Slack or Twitter if you’d consider it. I absolutely love your art and can’t wait to see how your project continues! P.S. your Gru meme made my day, and I vote either plant or portrait again 🙂 ~Haley

  • slb257

    Hey Caelyn, I loved your piece! Have you shown it to the person that inspired you to create it? That would be such a meaningful moment. You are very talented with creating online. I also like how you said that you think the most beautiful pieces come out of mistakes. As a person who strives for perfection it would be hard to leave art the way it is to enjoy it, instead of trying to fix it. I personally love the portraits and would like to see more in your upcoming blog posts!

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