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A Whole New World

Hello everyone and welcome to my latest post!

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine reached out to me asking if I could do him a favor. He has seen my work and was wondering if I could make a few prints for him. He is a member of the Business Student Society team at the U of R, and they were hosting a fundraiser for the homeless in collaboration with Carmichael Outreach. They called it Live for 5 did you hear of it? Yesterday was the last day. I was HONOURED to be asked to help out!


They had 8 amazing donations from local companies and raised money by selling $5 tickets to enter. He had asked if I could make a silhouette for each of the people/businesses that donated to their giveaway! I knew this would be a challenge, but I was up for it.

This week I really had to dig deep into learning how to use layers on Procreate so that I could get different levels of drawing. As you can see on the prints, there are 4 major layers. I knew this was beyond what I knew at that point, so I turned to my best friend, SkillShare. With a simple search, I had a video explaining exactly what to do and how to do it!

Layer 1: Background colour

Layer 2: Words

Layer 3: Backrounf colour #2

Layer 4: Person

Probably the biggest struggle I had was trying to cut layer 4 (person) to the same exact shape as layer 3 (background colour #2). Because Layer 3 was a perfect circle it was super obvious if the layer on top (layer 4) wasn’t also a perfect circle…There were tears… BUT THEN I came across a tool called “Clipping Mask” in Procreate WHAT A DREAM. I had the info the entire time from the initial video I was watching about layering but overlooked it. I watched the video and all my problems were solved, it was beautiful. Besides the circle dilemma, I only had one other real struggle. I found myself drawing on the wrong layers A LOT of times and had to erase all the work I had done…so that was very frustrating

On another note, not so much a struggle or dilemma but it really sunk in that these were going to be broadcasted on Facebook Live so I knew that they had to be GOOD like REALLY GOOD. I was definitely feeling the pressure and spent way too much time staring at very minor fixes.

Next week I plan on doing another person-inspired print! And some exciting news that Hayley a fellow EDTC300 and I have teamed up and I am creating a print of her clay earrings!

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