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Something NEW

Hello everyone!

Learning project update here!

In the past weeks I have stuck to drawing plants as a guide for learning all of in ins and outs of Procreate. This week I decided to take all that information along with some new stuff I learnt and draw something a little different!

This week I watched and followed along with a video that went over some tricks in Procreate to save you some time as well as some basic drawing theory.

The video I watched from SkillShare

The biggest thing I took away from this video was learning about tangents. Tangents are one of the most commonly made errors in drawing and I had never heard of such a thing. At the base a tangent is when two objects in a drawing fall on the same lines. This is hard to visualize so check out the photos below.

Retrieved from SkillShare

Notice how the dresser, bottom of the chair, and plant all fall onto the same surface? This is called a tangent. When this happens, the photo looks very dull, flat, and harsh on the eyes. Simply moving these around will add so much depth and make your drawings look 10x better. Below you can see the difference!

Retrieved from SkillShare

After watching this video, I got to work on drawing my own. In the video, she asked that we draw a cat into the print, but I strongly dislike cats (sorry to all my cat lovers out there), so I added in a floor plant instead… I am a plant mom what can I say.

My Print

This print is far from perfect, but that is what this journey is all about! Next week, I think that I will continue working on this piece and try to get some animation into it!

The closest thing I could find to drawing on an iPad…

What do you think I should animate? It can be something existing in the print or something I can draw in (except cats…)! Let me know in the comments!

A Little Bit On Procreate

Because I am still a beginner in Procreate, I wanted to share a video that shows you what this app is really capable of. And the craziest part…this app is FREE. Like the explosion of Youtube after the invention of the webcam, the development of digital drawing and Procreate specifically gives artists an alternate way to express themselves and share their talent. Please take a look at this video and, dare I say it… prepare to be amazed.


  • Tina

    I loved your drawing! I don’t like drawing, so I never really took notice to things like tangents (I always drew a sun in corner – anybody else?) so my drawings were always very one dimensional. I think you should animate the record player playing or the lamp turning on/off.

  • Maya Rosenberg

    Hi Caelyn,

    Thanks for sharing! I really love your art and post! This is so cool- I’m learning a lot!
    In art class we call creating depth with having multiple “layers of proximity” where we have 3 or 5 layers, lines, indicators- of different distance. This reminds me of tangents- so cool! fun how different things we learn work together!

    This is so interesting – I’m going to explore more about it now ๐Ÿ™‚



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