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    What A Journey!

    With this much snow on the ground, it is hard to believe that spring has sprung and the end of the semester is here. What a journey it has been! At the end of each semester, I find myself saying “wow I can’t believe how fast that went by” and this semester is no anomaly. This assignment – Learning Project, was like no other assignment I have done before and I loved every single moment of it. This learning project taught me so much more than what I showed on the surface of my blog posts. Yes- I did learn numerous digital design skills but I also learned how to…

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    Contributing To The Learning Of Others

    It is hard to imagine what EDTC 300 would look like without the community that we built up throughout the term. There was never a lack of help, support, or just someone to talk to. Because of this, it made online classes a little bit more personal, and I think I can speak on behalf of everyone in Ed, we are all missing that personal touch. Contributing to the learning of others was a foundational piece in this EDTC300 community really coming together. From Tweeting to commenting on blogs and messaging on Slack, we were all able to make an ideal learning environment amongst the pandemic. Truly, this would not…

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    Step Aside Siri

    Hello everyone and welcome to my latest blog post! New here? Make sure to look through some of my previous posts after this one! This week I drove into coding…I know I wasn’t super excited about it either. The only thing I knew about coding was that it was very, very, very hard. But I also knew that its popularity was becoming more prominent- lately, I have been seeing coding “schools” popping up around my city. So I guess you could say that I wasn’t excited to try it but I was interested in finding out what the hype was around it. For my first coding experience, I wanted to…

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    Going, going, going, GONE

    This week looks a little bit different for my learning project! I decided to outsource and look for tips and tricks for Procreate on TikTok. This wasn’t my first time on TikTok, but it was for the first time in a while. I had it last summer, but then when classes started, I forced myself to delete it…it was seriously taking up WAY too much of my time. For anyone who has TikTok, you know that you never just spend 5 minutes there… BUT I decided to re-download it for “educational purposes,” and honestly, it will probably stay educational forever given how many procreate videos I’ve watched. #Algorithms Anyways, I…

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    Life-Changing Ways to be Smarter Online!

    GOTCHA If you clicked on this article soley because the title was too good to pass up on, you are a victim of (my) clickbate. Don’t be upset though, it happens to the best of us; if I saw a killer blog post by #TheRealCaelynHembroff I’d click too. We have all seen our fair share of #FakeNews… especially in the 2017-2021 presidential term. Fake news isn’t anything “new.” We are just starting to see a whole lot more of it. As a Social Studies major, I can confidently say that my students and I will encounter a ton of it. This post is dedicated to how I will integrate digital…

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    I’ll be a professional animator in a GIPHY

    Okay, people! Today was the day I tacked gifs (well tried too). If you saw my post from last week and read it alllllllll the way to the end you would have seen that I was asking what I should animate in my latest drawing. With the hefty response to one comment, I chose to animate a few things! First things first let’s look at the comparison from what I added from last week to this week. I was in search of how to make a drawing go from “okay” to “okay but better” and I came across this beauty of a website. After I spiced up my drawing a…

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    My Inner Detective

    Hello everyone! I hope that this post finds you in good health #NotTodayCorona To start off this week’s post I have a question for you…have you ever googled yourself? If you haven’t you definitely should not only is it exciting but it is important to know what information you have out there! This week we were asked to google a fellow class member and try to find out as much about them as possible! I got the privilege of working with classmate Kassia Nameth, and you can check out her blog here or below! Kassia and I have taken a couple of classes together, but it can be hard to…

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    Keeping Up With The Kids

    Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing well! Here is a little blog post on digital citizenship its importance, and how to get it into your classroom! Take a look and let me know what you think in the comments your thoughts! Can anyone else’s pre-teen/early-teen years relate to the photo of the girl below? I sure can. Okay people, let’s be honest, 13-year-olds today do not look like us when we were 13… It seems that every year, the age of maturity gets younger. There isn’t that awkward blue eyeshadow and layered t-shirt phase anymore. They don’t have those oh so terribly amazing mirror selfie photos we would…

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    Something NEW

    Hello everyone! Learning project update here! In the past weeks I have stuck to drawing plants as a guide for learning all of in ins and outs of Procreate. This week I decided to take all that information along with some new stuff I learnt and draw something a little different! This week I watched and followed along with a video that went over some tricks in Procreate to save you some time as well as some basic drawing theory. The biggest thing I took away from this video was learning about tangents. Tangents are one of the most commonly made errors in drawing and I had never heard of…

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    A Whole New World

    Hello everyone and welcome to my latest post! A few weeks ago, a friend of mine reached out to me asking if I could do him a favor. He has seen my work and was wondering if I could make a few prints for him. He is a member of the Business Student Society team at the U of R, and they were hosting a fundraiser for the homeless in collaboration with Carmichael Outreach. They called it Live for 5 did you hear of it? Yesterday was the last day. I was HONOURED to be asked to help out! They had 8 amazing donations from local companies and raised money…