RSS Readers! Breathing Fresh Air and Collaborative Learning

This week, I subscribed to Feebly, an online feed reader that organizes information from the web into one place. A few categories I set up to organize my favourite topics are: Education Resources and Yoga!

Two favourite education resources I discovered are:

  1. Ted Ed

Ted Ed consists of short educational videos. This site is an offshoot of the Ted Talks, with videos designed specifically around educational topics.

I watched a cool video about the air we all breathe – this feels especially relevant in the era of global warming and the season of the covid pandemic and continual mask wearing. We need to think about our air!

  1. Teach Thought

This site offers a wealth of teacher resources including quotes, inspirational and ideas lists, podcasts, workshops and webinars.

I read a great article about Reciprocal Teaching, where students take on both roles of teacher and learner within small groups as a method of improving their reading comprehension. I love collaborative learning approaches, and I like encouraging learning that involves using multiple areas of the brain to help solidify understanding and information consolidation.

I am looking forward to using Feebly! I have never used this app before and it’s cool to try something new! It’s got a great set up – right off the bat, it seems very organized and easy to set up! The one downside seems to be that the search options seem limited without paying for a subscription. For example, when I went to search for #naturekids (a topic I am very interested in), it said nothing was available without a subscription.

2 thoughts on “RSS Readers! Breathing Fresh Air and Collaborative Learning”

  1. Hello Dani,
    Thanks for sharing the video on what’s in the air and the article on reciprocal teaching. Reciprocal teaching is new to me, and I will be reading more on that. With regard to Feedly, I am also looking forward to using it. I agree that just like most apps, you cannot have full access if you do not subscribe.

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