What is Feedly?!!

May 13, 2021 0 By elb776

When Katia first introduced an RSS reader, I was kind of nervous to learn about it because it sounded very ‘high-tech’ but after navigating through Feedly I was quickly re-assured that it would help with my social media game. When choosing which sources I wanted to explore I thought about what interested me the most. Obviously one was about EdTech and my other searches were to do with education. The first thing that popped up when I searched ‘education’ was a blog called TED Ed which instantly intrigued me. It showed many informational videos about literally everything, it was so neat to browse and see the topics that they came up with. TED Ed has several educational videos about issues in society and in general is an amazing platform for learners like me. Another education blog that I followed was called “Free Technology for Teachers”. I found this to be very appropriate for class as it shows teachers many useful tips and how-to’s for technology. I think that this site will be a great place for me to find tips on how to use technology in my classroom. To add onto the broad statement of “teachers” I wanted to narrow down my options so I searched “Grade 1” as that is the grade I am hoping to teach. I came across a blog called “Crazy for First Grade” and let me tell you when I started looking at this blog, I instantly added it to my list, it was AMAZING! It showed so many cool tips, crafts, ideas and everything you could imagine for your first-grade teaching. I also searched about entrepreneurship as this is something I am also very interested in with my Eyelash Business. 

Here I have a screenshot of the few blogs I have followed in hopes that you find one that is in interest to you as well! I will continue to browse through Feedly and add more sites to add to my list!