My Thoughts on Tweeter ;)

May 18, 2021 2 By elb776

During out first zoom session for EDTC 300 Katia mentioned that we would be using Twitter. My initial thoughts were “oh great, the website for old people” (no offence to anyone :)), however, my mind has changed for the better. After using twitter for about a week now, I have quickly learned to love the website and all it has to offer. Back in 2013 when Twitter was very popular I jumped on my computer and made a profile. I used it ALL THE TIME, but not for the right reasons. I tweeted probably every five minutes about what I was doing throughout the day, as if anyone cared LOL! About a week with doing that I quickly came to realize that it actually wasn’t that fun because I was getting 0 feedback on my completely irrelevant posts, of course, and deleted my profile. When Katia had us create a twitter account I was planning on just using it for the duration of this course, but now that I’ve seen what an amazing community it can be I will for sure be using it throughout my teaching career. I love that I can learn so many things as well as share my learnings with everybody else! I will forever be grateful for Katia showing us this amazing tool!