Digital Citizenship in My Classroom

June 3, 2021 1 By elb776

This week in class we learned about Ribble’s nine elements of digital citizenship. Digital citizenship refers to the use of technology in appropriate and responsible ways. In Ribble’s post, he shows teachers how to educate their students to use technology to its maximum capacity. Since technology is used for mostly everything, I think it is important for it to be integrated into curriculums. I think that the Saskatchewan curriculum has many great opportunities to bring up with topic. One example being the grade 1 health curriculum. Since I am hoping to teach Grade 1, I think that this outcome is the perfect place to introduce digital citizenship. 

Focusing on e), f), g), h), & i)

I found another great place to incorporate digital citizenship in the Grade 2 health curriculum as well. 

Focusing mainly on a) and the language that respectful online

This grade 4 health outcome could be used to incorporate digital citizenship as well!

Focusing on a), b), d), i), & j)

I plan on teaching the topic of digital citizenship to all of the classes that I teach because I strongly believe it is a topic that should be taught all the way through grade K-12. I will be sure to show examples of what great digital citizenship looks like and what not so great digital citizenship looks like. I also want to teach my students that the internet can be a great tool if it is used properly and how things that are put on the internet stays there for a very long time, so to be cautious of the things you are posting. I hope to be using technology in my classrooms to not only get the children used to it, but to show them an example of how to use technology to our advantage. 

An activity that I thought would be an awesome way for students to show how they would be good digital citizens is by colouring a poster, and writing in the boxes about how they would follow through becoming a good digital citizen. Here’ an example:

I would hang these on a bulletin board to show other students and teachers about digital citizenship!

Here are a few links that will help your students understand what digital citizenship is and how to have a good digital citizenship:

And here’s a few links for you to check out to get a better idea of digital citizenship:

I have linked many useful resources to help my fellow educators learn about digital citizenship so we can teach it appropriately and to teach our students the importance of having good digital citizenship. Thanks for tuning in this week!