Only If… I could do an L-Sit

June 15, 2021 2 By Gledi Toci

Last week in my learning project, I came to the conclusion I needed better form. I realized I had the strength for a muscle up, I’m just not using the best technique. I have been watching many videos and reading articles on the best technique. The links from my last blog post the youtube video, and the article I did watch, and I feel as if I learned a lot. After the viewing, I decided I want to try new exercises for week 3 and not the ones I had planned.

As a basketball player, I realized how important form/technique is when shooting a basketball. Even when my shot used to go in sometimes, I realized it needed work. After dedicating time to changing my form, I have become a way better shooter. I have the dedication in me, which will help me give it mine all for my journey on getting my first muscle-up. When watching the videos from last week, and another by the same create Chris Heria, I have made a list of exercises to do, to help me get the technique down.

Exercises in the Video

Throughout my journey I have already been doing a lot of these exercises, however, I have been missing some key ones that help form. I added:

  • Hanging L-Sit
  • Magic Button
  • L-Sit Pull Back

The hanging L-Sit will help build the foundation to do an L-Sit pull back, which is an essential movement. A big part of the technique I have been missing is the swing and kicking myself up, and the L-Sit technique.

I went into this week’s workouts motivated and ready to get it. After the viewing of all the videos and articles, I realized how much easier a muscle-up is made using the L-Sit technique. However, as you can see in the exercises, I have found my week point. I am not able to do a proper hanging L-Sit or the pull-back version. It was really frustrating not being able to do it, I spent a long time in the gym trying to get better at the exercises but I couldn’t. I think it’s mental and physical fatigue. No matter the results of this journey, I know I have improved. In the beginning, I could only do few pull-ups and had no clue how to do a muscle-up. I still have a week, and I am going to try to push myself even harder. I am this week going to practice my original box to circle technique, along with fixing my grip every day and hope I can get it.