Hello world! Here is my ePortfolio and here you will find most of my professional life as an education student. My learning AND teaching philosophies, a lot of my life stories, a lot of what I have learned and more!

I began this ePortfolio for my ECS 102 class as it was a required assignment, now with EDTC 300 I have another opportunity to improve and refine my portfolio. 

If you do not know me, hi. my name is Jayden, I am from Wapi-muska (Whitebear) First Nation but I was raised my whole life in Regina. I am passionate about many things the most notable being sports (basketball and football) , music, video games and, of course, teaching! To illustrate my athletic passion I am posting a few photos, one of me pitching, one of my baseball team and a superbowl watch party. a black and white photo of me pitching a team baseball photo a photo of me with a friend holding a mock Lombardi trophy

I am not too familiar with educational technology but hope I will learn more about it from this course. As I mentioned my only knowledge and experience with Ed Tech is from my ECS 102 class where I made this ePortfolio. I have never been into blogs or blogging, i prefer more visual media like vlogs or sports journalism.

To give you all an idea of myself and my creativity I am giving you very short story I wrote in Cree called “niyanan apisimososak” or “we are deer” niyanan apisimôsosak

Thanks for reading my first blog post, please leave a comment if you have any questions and please take a look around the rest of my portfolio to gain a better understanding of myself and teaching vision.