Week One- Informal Introduction Activity – Co- teaching

In week one we did a informal activity to get to know the students. This allowed me and my teaching partner to get comfortable in the classroom. Here is a copy of the activity we gave the students

The exemplars we made.

Week Two- Developing Problem Solving Strategies & Skills- Co- teaching

This lesson allows students to examine a decision-making process. We will start the lesson with an introductory book, “My Magical Choices” this will invite students to begin thinking about the choices they have and how their choices impact their life. Then we will move on to vocabulary where we will focus on “problems” and “choices” to help ensure that students understand the terms being used in the lesson and activity. We will also briefly discuss the process of making decisions. Then we will have the students cut and color to prepare for the activity. Then finally we move to the activity where students get the chance to practice decision making. To finish off the lesson we will quickly reflect on the decision-making process.

Week Three-Identifying Beginning, Middle, End and Setting- Co-teaching

This lesson allows students to practice identifying the 3 major areas of stories. We will start by identifying the 3 areas beginning, middle and end then go right into the book. After the book we will discuss as a class what things go into each area. Then students will work individually drawing and making a short sentence about each part. Finally, students will be given another sheet that focuses on examining the setting as an introduction to setting. Then will color the different houses and then make or complete a sentence about each house.

Week Four- Exploring Pumpkin Characteristics and Life Cycles- Independent Teaching

This lesson plan allows student to examine different parts of plant life while still being fun and relating to Halloween. In this lesson the students will be introduced to plant cycles and be able to examine the changes a plant goes through. Students will also learn about characterises. Then we will apply what we know about characteristics to characterizing a pumpkin.

Week Five, Six & Seven- Little Red Riding Hood Story Investigation- Independent Teaching

In this lesson student are going to get to investigate the three main areas of Little Red Riding Hood. The three main areas are setting, character and problem and solution. In the first day of the lesson students will focus on the setting of the story. When examining the setting we are going to be looking for elements like; location, time of day, what we see in the setting, what we hear in the setting and maybe what smells would we have in the setting. This will help students to develop a strong understanding of the setting in our story. Day 2 of the lesson will focus on character. In the character lesson student will get to be more hands on by using provided materials to create a visual representation of the main character Little Red Riding Hood. Students will also examine traits of the personality of the character. In the final day the students will be examining the problem and solutions in the story. They will also explore possible other solutions that character could have done. Overall this lesson will provide students with lots of time examine and explore the carious elements of a story.

Week Eight- Traditions and Cookie Decorating

In this activity students where introduced to self and began exploring traditions that shape our sense of self. Students shared traditions, stories or celebrations that make the unique. Then I shared a tradition that makes me unique which is Christmas cookie decorating. Then students got to take part in my unique tradition and make Christmas cookies. Tis was a very fun and interactive lesson for my last day of placement.