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Dream Chaser ; Ever since a young age I have been and continue to be a goal oriented individual dedicated to helping children grow. Hard working, organized and committed with a desire to help young students be the best learner’s possible, shape positive friendships, have fun and explore their individuality. As a current young adult, I have spent many hours working hands-on with youth of all ages. I have found that I can confidently say I am passionate on watching these children develop as learners. It is becoming more clear that I am passionate about changing the lives of the children as I watch them grow. I genuinely respect that every child is different, as I once was in the situation too.  Being an individual who is hard-working and willing to put the extra hours in wherever a child may need it; I will never quit until the job I have set out to accomplish is finished. I believe that social media is important when interacting with other teachers as well as blogging is an important step in helping us grow as we are always going to be growing in this profession. Please follow along on my journey at https://twitter.com/missehartman or https://www.instagram.com/missehartman/.

My amazing Grade 2 Teacher always motivating and encouraging me to enter this dream of mine! This is us having the privilege of working together in her Grade one classroom.

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