Hello, my name is..

Catchy title hey? I hope you sung it as you read it! ?

Anyways, nice to meet you, my name is Paige Karol and I am in my second year of the PreK-5 Elementary Education program at the University of Regina ??‍?. I cannot wait to be a teacher for so many reasons! In our first year of Education or “teacher training”, many educators stressed the questions “When did you first realize you wanted to be a teacher?” , “Who inspired you to want to be a teacher?”. Everyone always seemed to have different answers to these questions but many people explained that a teacher from their past had made such an impact on them, that they wanted to become a teacher to make an impact on someone else. This is not entirely my case, but I did always admire a few different teachers on how they presented their classroom in such interactive, pleasing and beautiful ways ✨.

Classroom that I love the look of

Once I stepped foot into my first Education class I instantly fell in love with all the meaning behind everything one does as an educator! I love the material and enjoy learning about children and how they develop and learn ?. COVID-19 has been hard for many teachers, but I am sure glad we have such great technology to help us through this ?. One of my favourite things I learnt last semester in ECE 325 is how to create bitmoji classrooms ?. This criteria was added into that class because of the online learning component that many teachers were/will have to face. Bitmoji classrooms are not only good for pandemics lol, but also if you have a student away on a trip, or that is at home sick ?. This creates an interactive and appealing page for students to access materials while at home, and is completely changeable all the time.

I hope to learn more and more as I complete my degree, and can’t see what the future has in store for me! ??


  • Andrew MacPhail

    Hello Paige, I really enjoyed reading your blog post and I always find it really valuable to learn from those with experiences. I have completed field placement and it is my plan to head into pre internship in the fall. Although, with the bulk of my educational learning being online I agree that it has allowed us to find out about different resources which we can apply into future years and in person.

  • Ashley Peterman

    Hey Paige! I really love how you have structured this blog post, it really felt like we were having a conversation as I read the post. I totally agree with your comment about Bitmoji classrooms. Thanks for sharing!

  • Julie F.

    Hello Paige,
    I definitely sung the title as I read it! I think a majority of us can relate that becoming a teacher can be influenced by not only great teachers that inspire us but negative teachers that make us want to be different. I love that you included Bitmoji classrooms. I made my first one for my EHE 310 course solely because of Covid-19. Although it seemed like a daunting task, in the end it was so rewarding and actually super fun to make! Thanks for sharing about not only yourself but your educational technology experience as well!

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