How have I never known about Feedly?

In my EDTC 300 class I was introduced to Feedly, an RSS reader. I started by searching things I am interested in such as ‘education’??‍?, ‘technology’?, ‘children’?, ‘learning’?, and even ‘jewelry’?! I was amazed by how many resources there were, and read the description under each source to get an idea of what the source and things they post may be about. They were a few sources in which I was not interested in the descriptions so therefore I did not follow those. I found many great education and technology sources such as “Educational Technology“, “Free Technology for Teachers“, “TED-ED“, “Childhood101“, and “A-Z Kids Stuff- Educational Ideas and Activities for young children“!

Educational Technology” is a great resource for apps for teachers and educators. They have many different categories of apps from iPad to android, and all the tools you may need. I enjoyed the “Visual Note Taking” ? post which listed and discussed many different apps that are great for anyone note-taking. These apps may even be useful for returning back to campus. Another post from “Educational Technology” I liked was “Grading Made Easy” which listed and described four great apps for teachers that will make grading ‘easy’ lol. Another great resource was “Free Technology for Teachers” which had many posts about Google Docs, Slides, Forms, Sheets, Workspaces, Word, and so much more! Next, “TED-ED” which is a popular, along with TED-Talks. I love that “TED-ED” has so many videos about a wide range of topics in which you might find interesting! “Childhood101” has to be my favourite resource I found, it is jam packed with learning activities, play ideas, printables, books?, and activities for children. I will definitely be using this resource in my future teaching days! “A-Z Kids Stuff- Educational Ideas and Activities for young children” had posts similar to “Childhood101” but had them sorted by ‘toddler’, ‘preschool’ and ‘school age’ categories! Overall, such a great first experience with Feedly ! ?

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