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My Future Classroom in Technology

With every day being different with the new and up to date technology it makes me wonder how my future students will be dealing with it as well. I first started thinking that the best way to go about the new apps, phones, etc., was not to shame my students for using them, but to educate them and if possible, bring that technology into the classroom to be used in a positive way. The technology and apps made today could be used in many ways, such as:

  • Tiktok could be used to create dances for a class or to learn new ideas like; drawing, tips and tricks, singing, and I like to use TikTok for my DIY crafting!
  • Laptops and Ipads could be used to do research on something the student would like to learn more about
  • Powerpoint has always been my goto in school and even now that I’m older. I think this would be a good piece of technology to teach any student as it is an easy program to use and basically everyone has access to it.
  • Just like we are using Twitter in EDTC, high school students could use it to network and see how other people view the world and use it to learn new information like I did in the SaskEdChat

Although those are only a few ideas that could be brought into the classroom, there is potential for all of them to be helpful inside and outside the classroom if you teach your students how to properly go about using them. 

Technology is a huge asset and I believe that although some days are harder than others and sometimes the technology does not always work to our advantage, I believe teachers will also benefit with all that is to come! Another good thing is that although the students are learning from the teacher, the teacher can also learn from the students. So as long as everyone is learning, I believe that is a powerful thing. 

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Thankful for Canva!

After googling and downloading many apps and realizing I was not a fan of any, I finally found the app I wanted to use to put all my pictures together! I had thought about iMovie since I have it on my Mac, but I realized not long after opening it that there was a reason I did not enjoy using it before. To me it was not the easiest to figure out and I wanted something simple enough that I could change it when I needed to and not play around with it for hours, so I finally found Canva! I had thought about using it before the Christmas picture edits but changed my mind even though it looked easy. So I thought it would be a good idea to use it for my Lesson Project to try it out this time around! It is a simple and easy program that gives you little tips before you start going and all the options are right at your fingertips!

Here are a few of the options I used while starting to play around with Canva

You can upload any picture that you have on your computer by simply uploading it and than dragging it onto the slide
The template is the design you want all your slides to be and there are many to choose from!

I think this would be a great app for in the classroom instead of possibly powerpoint or something like that as it has newer updated fonts, styles etc. This would fall under the Substitution category in the SAMR model. My students could use it for projects and I could use it to introduce myself at the beginning of the year! We could also use it throughout the year to watch our progress change as we process into the next grade!

My next step with Canva is uploading a video of me doing the steps of a frame, but this involves me finding the right angle to take the video from when I am making the frames so that will be this week’s project to figure out! I am excited to put all my pictures and soon to be videos together and compare my process as I continue along!  Stay tuned for the video process!

Week 2: January 18 – 20th

Through the first two weeks of ELNG 200 I’ve started to understand more on what the meaning of language awareness is and how to understand it for myself as well as bring it into my future classroom. Before we discussed the deeper meaning of Language Awareness, to me I believed it was knowing if you knew how to speak the language or not. Now I understand it is much more than simply speaking a language. Language awareness is noticing the small and big things in your everyday life such as, that in English we say a sentence one way, but in Spanish it is said backwards, example: Blue shoe in English is, shoe blue, in Spanish. Also, that there are many different “types” of languages in some countries, such as high French, or low French. When discussing language awareness in a zoom group, there was discussion that to be able to understand different languages, I took different classes in high school and university, such as French or Cree and one of my group members simply just asks her coworkers who speak a different language how to say particular words or to teach her words so she can understand more of their language. 

            I’ve come to realize that language awareness is not just being aware of who speaks what language and that there are many different languages. It is also to realize that in different languages words can have different meanings and we need to understand how to use those words or actions when talking to other people. While doing research for our Linguistic Landscape assignment I came to realize how many English-speaking signs are around my small town of Raymore although we are more than just an English-speaking community. A few stores are run by different background but yet have all English in their restaurants or stores. We have an electronic bulletin board at the end of main street that only shows English on it as well. It really made me stop and wonder to how many people are actually language aware of what is not only going around them but also in their community. If they notice the small changes that need to happen or pick up on the small differences in languages. This makes me excited for what is to come in this class and being able to bring more knowledge and understand of language awareness to my future classrooms!

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