With every day being different with the new and up to date technology it makes me wonder how my future students will be dealing with it as well. I first started thinking that the best way to go about the new apps, phones, etc., was not to shame my students for using them, but to educate them and if possible, bring that technology into the classroom to be used in a positive way. The technology and apps made today could be used in many ways, such as:

  • Tiktok could be used to create dances for a class or to learn new ideas like; drawing, tips and tricks, singing, and I like to use TikTok for my DIY crafting!
  • Laptops and Ipads could be used to do research on something the student would like to learn more about
  • Powerpoint has always been my goto in school and even now that I’m older. I think this would be a good piece of technology to teach any student as it is an easy program to use and basically everyone has access to it.
  • Just like we are using Twitter in EDTC, high school students could use it to network and see how other people view the world and use it to learn new information like I did in the SaskEdChat

Although those are only a few ideas that could be brought into the classroom, there is potential for all of them to be helpful inside and outside the classroom if you teach your students how to properly go about using them. 

Technology is a huge asset and I believe that although some days are harder than others and sometimes the technology does not always work to our advantage, I believe teachers will also benefit with all that is to come! Another good thing is that although the students are learning from the teacher, the teacher can also learn from the students. So as long as everyone is learning, I believe that is a powerful thing. 

“Google” by Cesar Solorzano is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Woman in gray sweater using macbook air
Photo by Andrew Neel on Pexels