You know those days where you want to do so many creative tasks or accomplish so much homework but then you hit a wall and suddenly you either can’t think of anything good to make or anything brilliant to type? Yea, that was me today. I won’t lie and say that this doesn’t happen often with me, but it does more than I’d like to admit so I try and accomplish at least one or two tasks that day, even if it’s a simple load of laundry and making the bed. I also try and get outside because that always makes me feel better!

So today, I cleaned the garage as well as my counter work space. This is where I do most of my crafting and it was a mess due to not being home long enough to clean it with seeding happening and constantly running to the field. I’ve learned that when I have a messy space I either shut down and don’t deal with it or I get to cleaning and I’m thankful I finally got to cleaning! I was able to pick up my mitre saw from my mom last weekend so I was ready to take that out of the bag and set it up. I also hung another pegboard so that I had more space to hang my tools instead of on one cramped board. My cat, Remi, even stopped in to check out how I was doing and I think he approved of not having so many obstacles to walk around.

While figuring out how to unlock my mitre saw to practice getting used to it, I realized that I had a small problem other than not knowing how to unlock it. I’ve used a mitre saw before at my previous job, so I knew this one was just going to take some getting used to, but when I realized the handle was on the right side instead of on the top like the previous one, I had used, my eyes went wide, because I’m left-handed. I decided that this was just a bump in the road to get me to where I want to be and I just have to practice!

New mitre saw I can’t wait to learn on!

For my next project, I want to make something like the picture below because it is just a reminder that even on the bad days or the days it is too hard to get motivation, life is pretty amazing and I’m thankful for the people that I have in my life every day. I also think it would be a good chuckle to make the other sign as it seems to be that in our house the cats are the bosses!

I’m glad I got over my creative bump and gained some motivation and I cannot wait to start using the mitre saw, I may have to ask my husband for some help to unlock it first, as well as to create these signs!