With some advice from Katia, I took to the internet to find some tips and tricks to help me apply my vinyl onto my new frame recently made. While reading and watching I learned something new called the ‘Hinge’ method. Normally I would have taken the transfer tape off once I got the words stuck to hit and placed it on like that, but the way she is showing it, you keep the transfer tap attached and slowly remove the bottom layer from the transfer tape instead. I also think it will be handy to do what she suggested by taking off some of the backing to be able to stick it down on the wood instead of sticking it all down at once. I have learned from mistakes that transfer tape is not the easiest to take off when it is put down, even by accident and sometimes it won’t come off and you just have to roll with how it is laying. 

While doing some more searching I also learned that other than using a permanent vinyl on the wood, you can also use an HTV, or Heat Transfer Vinyl. This makes it look like it is painted on the wood when applying the HTV which may make it last longer in the long run! This is the article I found where it explains how to apply it. Although she talks about a heat press, I just use an everyday iron without the water added and it works the same, although I do need to hold it longer but that is minor.

As I add the words to my frame, which I made the other day if you want to check it out here I will remember the hinge method and hopefully it is easier to put on and I can cut back on how many times I have to take it off to adjust!