Coding a Dance Party

November 26, 2023 2 By Stephanie Voss

For class this week, I chose to try one of the activities on the “Hour of Code” website. When I interned in the fall of 2021, my cooperating teacher had our students try out one of the activities on this site and they absolutely loved it! I was really impressed with how well they did with these coding activities. I remember most of my students chose the “Dance Party” activity, so that is the one I completed this week. 

Right away, I love how thorough the instructions were. There were video instructions provided before you began each task, as well as written instructions you could look back on while you were completing the task.

The coding activity walked you through the steps of creating different characters, making them do different dance moves at certain times, and changing the background to interesting and vibrant designs. I really appreciated how they broke the coding activity into different steps that allowed you to practice an individual task in isolation, and then gave you the opportunity at the end to put all of the piece together and choreograph a unique dance routine!

There were lots of fun characters, dance moves, effects, and backgrounds to choose from. There were also a list of 50+ popular songs to choose for you routine. Here is a video of the routine I choreographed during my hour of coding!

I really enjoyed the coding assignment we had this week and would definitely incorporate these coding activity into my classroom! I think programs like this are a great way to get students involved in coding from a young age. With all of the different coding tasks available, I am sure every student will be able to find one aligned with their interests.

Here is my certificate of completion for Dance Party!

Did anyone else choose this coding task this week?