Journey to Reconciliation

For my ECS 100 class, we were challenged to create an aesthetic piece that shows our new found knowledge and understanding about the Journey to Reconciliation in Canada. As a future educator, I believe that it is very important to acknowledge the injustices that took place at residential schools and the negative effects that are still seen in the present day. I believe that it is necessary to be educated and informed in order to be able to successfully teach my future students about residential school, and the current journey to reconciliation.

For my aesthetic piece, I chose to create two acrostic poems. The first being “Residential School” with words written that describe the injustices that took place during this time. The seconds poem being “Reconciliation” written with words representing the growth that is taking place because of the journey to reconciliation. I chose to incorporate a Cree word in my poem as I am taking a Cree language class this semester. As the Cree language is becoming a less known language, I thought it was important to represent my new found learning for Cree, and my gratitude that we have the privilege to learn an indigenous language at the University of Regina.