Contributions to the Learning of Others

December 10, 2023 0 By Stephanie Voss

Throughout the course, I had the opportunity to participate in the learning of my peers. I was able to contribute to their learning projects as well as their learning regarding the course material. Right off the bat, I was able to join our class discord. I had never used Discord before and was excited to try it out. I found this platform to be a great way to connect and ask questions during the course. I was able to contribute to my peer’s learning by answering questions and providing support about class related questions.

I also regularly commented on my peers blogs. I provided encouragement on their posts/learning project and always tried to provide suggestions about furthering their learning. I often spoke from experience, and provided resources and links for them to consider. As a few other students in the course were also learning ASL for their project, I tried to connect with them and give them ideas about which resources and videos had been working for me. Here are a few examples of the comments that I left on my peer’s blogs!

I really enjoyed the collaboration component to this course, and definitely learned lots from my peers. Hopefully some of them feel the same way!