Teaching Manifesto

My teaching manifesto is continuously developing and changing as I progress through my journey of becoming a teacher. I believe educators have a responsibility to continue learning throughout their lives in order to provide students with the highest quality of education.

Integrating technology into the classroom can enrich learning

I will provide students with appropriate technology that aids in their learning

Education is more than just learning how to read and write

I will teach a holistic approach to education that incorporates the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self. 

There are many different ways that students can learn

I will integrate many different ways of learning into my classroom such as cooperative, experiential, and project based.

Teachers have a responsibility to stay continually learning and developing as educators

I will continue my own personal and professional development throughout my entire career as a teacher

Creating strong relationships with students and their families is important 

I will work to create strong lines of communication with student’s families to ensure I am providing their students with an education that meets their unique needs.