Common Phrases in ASL

December 1, 2023 3 By Stephanie Voss

This week, I decided to learn some common phrases in ASL. As I have mostly been focusing on learning single words, this was a challenge for myself this week. Some of the phrases such as “my name is…” were tricky as there were three different parts to the sign. Memorizing these signs was definitely an exercise for my brain!

I learned these phrases from the website Sign Language 101. They have lots of free videos that teach you the basics of sign language. They repeat the sign multiple times from different angles, as well as say the word aloud. One thing I noticed when watching these videos and comparing them to my own videos is the lack of facial expression I have when signing. I am usually so focused on making my hands do that right thing that I completely overlook my facial expressions. In the tutorial videos, the demonstrater always seems to match his facial expressions to the word he his signing, similar to how people use facial expressions when speaking. Using facial expressions when signing is a goal I would like to attempt for next week! Do you have any tips on integrating facial expressions into ASL?

Here is a video of myself signing common phrases in ASL!