Learning Project: That’s A Wrap!

December 12, 2023 1 By Stephanie Voss

I can’t believe it is already the end of another semester! This semester seemed to absolutely fly by. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to chose a new skill that I wanted to learn more about. I chose to learn the basics of American Sign Language (ASL). I chose this as my topic as I have always been curious about this language as it is so unique from all other languages.

When I was writing my first post, I came up with a list of signs that I wanted to learn. These included letters, numbers, common phrases and sentences, and finally the signs to a song. I pretty much followed the order of these skills entirely, as they tended to build upon one another. I also began finding resources that I could incorporate into my classroom. I made a Pinterest board as a place to store all of the bulletin board displays, posters, activities, and lessons in ASL that I found that I could integrate into the classroom to create an inclusive environment. This component of my learning journey was really special to me as I am taking this class as a credit towards my inclusive ed. certificate!

Finger Spelling the Alphabet in American Sign Language ASL

I found lots of great resources that aided me in my journey to learning ASL. A few of my favourites are SignLanguage101, Lingvano,  as well as SignSchool.

I also learned that Tik Tok is a great tool for taking and editing videos. Before this class I had never made a Tik Tok and was unaware of the neat effects I could add to my video such as background music, captions, and filters. Once I tried Tik Tok to document my learning, I liked it so much I began using it as my go to way to share my new learning most weeks!

two mobile phone screen mockups with grey background

Thank you for following along during my journey to learning ASL! I hope that you have learned something that you can take with you into your future teaching endeavours!

Happy smile

Have a great winter break!