Is AI The Future Of Teaching?

December 5, 2023 2 By Stephanie Voss

This week, I had a fun time exploring the AI tool for teachers called “Magic School.” I was amazed with the number of tools that are available to use on this website. I tried out a few of them: Youtube question Generator, Teacher Joke Generator, Lesson Plan Generator, and the Social Story Generator.

For all of these tools, you enter information on the grade level, outcome, and subject and they create detailed activities/stories/lesson plans for you to use in the classroom! the more specific content you add, the more specific plan the AI tool creates for you.

Here is a couple of screen shots of the teacher joke generator! This was a fun tool to play around with, although I have to admit some of the jokes are pretty cringey!

This website has so many neat tools to try out! I think it can definitely aid with student learning in many ways. There is a tool that allows you to differentiate pieces of text to different reading levels while still providing the same main ideas. There is also a tool that allows you to insert text and have it translate it into different languages. This is a great way to communicate effectively with families who do not speak english.

Although AI can be an effective addition to educational technology, it still needs to be examined critically. When signing up for magic school, it gave a reminder to use the 80/20 rule. Meaning that if you are using AI to complete tasks for you, it is important that you still take the time to review and edit the final product to ensure it is correct and personalized to your classroom and your students. AI is a new and exciting addition to education that I am excited to continue using and learning about, but it is not something I want to become dependent on in order to do my job.