Month: December 2023

Contributions to the Learning of Others

Throughout the course, I had the opportunity to participate in the learning of my peers. I was able to contribute to their learning projects as well as their learning regarding the course material. Right off the bat, I was able to join our class discord. I had never used Discord before and was excited to…

By Stephanie Voss December 10, 2023 0

Is AI The Future Of Teaching?

This week, I had a fun time exploring the AI tool for teachers called “Magic School.” I was amazed with the number of tools that are available to use on this website. I tried out a few of them: Youtube question Generator, Teacher Joke Generator, Lesson Plan Generator, and the Social Story Generator. For all…

By Stephanie Voss December 5, 2023 2

Common Phrases in ASL

This week, I decided to learn some common phrases in ASL. As I have mostly been focusing on learning single words, this was a challenge for myself this week. Some of the phrases such as “my name is…” were tricky as there were three different parts to the sign. Memorizing these signs was definitely an…

By Stephanie Voss December 1, 2023 3