Changing gears…

Alright, so this learning project is taking a turn. Since my last week’s attempt at the larger pattern of the flower punch needling design and the use of yarn instead of thread, I have been inspired. I really loved the yarn use and how I seemed to get it so fast, and it just seemed so easy for me to manipulate it in the ways I needed it to. So since being inspired by the yarn, I began looking into how can I incorporate more yarn into things I could make. I saw that I could get more punch needle kits using different designs and colours, but I didn’t love it anymore. I really started to avoid trying to do this learning project of punch needling this week as it felt like a chore I had to complete instead of something I was passionate about trying. Therefore, I have decided to switch gears as I wanted to try something else that involved yarn in some capacity.

Screenshot from Crafting-Each-Day

I researched what I could try, and I stumbled upon crocheting. I knew all about knitting as my grandma was very into it, and so when I saw the term crochet, I assumed it was the same thing. But, the further I looked into it, I saw it was not the same! I was reading Martha Stewart’s website, which mentioned that knitting uses a pair of two long needles while crochet only uses one hook to loop the pieces together. It was mentioned that crochet is more straightforward than knitting because it only involves one hook instead of two long needles.


Screenshot from Crochet 365 Knit Too

I wasn’t too interested in trying knitting as it was said to be more challenging, so I am going to give crochet a try! The more I looked, the more I saw that there were so many different kinds of crochet techniques/stitches. I am excited to start a new journey of learning something, and as much as I am sad to close my learning with punch-needling, I do think I am going o be more successful with this in the long run, as I can see myself doing this in the future. 

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