How Much Does Technology Influence my Day to Day?

How Much Does Technology Influence my Day to Day?

Every morning☀️ when I wake up, I find myself unlocking my phone📱 and opening 1 of 3 apps – Snapchat, Instagram or TikTok. The other popular apps on my phone are Facebook, VSCO and Emails. Snapchat Planning to Launch 'Internal App Store' for Games This Fall - MacRumorsInstagram's New Messenger Direct: What is it and do you need it?TikTok - Apps on Google PlayFacebook for Android 424.0.0.1 Download | TechSpotVSCO: Photo & Video Editor - Apps on Google PlayMail on the App Store

I spend a lot of my time either on these apps or thinking about them. 💭 These apps are primarily for leisure and social interaction and I have realized that they seem to be a waste of my time since they are so unproductive. These applications can become a huge distraction for me as I sometimes spend my time on them rather than doing school work or something else that would benefit me such as reading 📚. You can set time limitations for apps on your phone and this is something I should probably consider doing when I get distracted and off task. Sometimes when I put my phone in a space far away from where I am sitting and turn the sound off 🔕, I can forget about it for awhile which helps. I definitely need to focus more on finding strategies to ensure that I have a healthy relationship with my phone.

I think that the reason I am so addicted to my phone is because I love photos and videos. I love taking them and looking at them as a reminder of memories I have created. If I could channel my love for photos and videos into something more productive than social media, I would feel more productive. Here are some photos from my Instagram page:

My laptop💻 is another form of technology that I mainly use for school so I find it to be more productive and less appealing to use.

In order to stay organized, my household uses Google Calendar where we can share our schedules on our phones. Tiny Calendar: Planner & Tasks - Apps on Google PlayI also heavily rely on the alarm application on my phone where I set alarms as reminders for important things I need to do during the day. How to use Clock app in iOS 15 to help you sleep, and wake up better | AppleInsider

I am excited to continue to learn about technology that can benefit me as a teacher in the classroom throughout this course!

2 thoughts on “How Much Does Technology Influence my Day to Day?

  1. Hey Brooke,
    I did not even think to use the clock on our phones to set alarms as reminders for daily tasks to do. I find myself scrambling at the last moment to get my work in on time or get specific tasks started. But by the way, I love your pictures! Have you ever thought of doing photography for families or friends? I think you would be great at it!

  2. Thanks for sharing Brooke, I also regularly use the timers on my phone as reminders throughout the day, picking things up or just helping me get random unpleasing tasks done. I just started last week using my device timer for my Facebook app. I have to say I was embarrassed when I started checking things out and saw how much time I actually spend on some of these things. Time wasters I call them. I put 1 hour on my timer and I have usually used it up for sure by mid morning. I’m glad I did it as it’s already helping me stay in check!

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