Skitch…Sketch or Fetch??

Skitch…Sketch or Fetch??

The tool I tested out this week was called Skitch. The application looks like this:

This tool is extremely useful for taking a screenshot of things on your MacBook. I particularly liked that you could draw on the captured photo with a pen tool, you could put β€œX”or arrow stickers on it, you can type written messages and you can even put shapes on it. Here is an example of a screenshot I took on my MacBook and the things I added to it (in pink).

When you open the application, there is a drop down menu at the top in the middle of the page that shows you what you can do on Skitch. The options are:

  • Fullscreen
  • Screen snap
  • Timed Screen Snap
  • Open an Image or PDF
  • Blank

In the example I linked above, I clicked Screen Snap and it let me drag the outline on my screen to where and what I wanted to capture. After I let go of the outline, a blue button appeared on the bottom of my screen that said “capture”. Once I clicked that button, it took me to the Skitch app and pulled up the document I had just captured. On the left of the application there was a tool panel that had the features I mentioned up top: pen, stickers, shapes, text.

I just thought I would mention that ironically, Skitch wouldn’t let me screenshot itself so I had to use the classic “Command, Shift and 3” Screenshot for the photos above showing Skitch. Also I have not figured out how to convert the files to a PDF or JPEG file and I have only been able to find a link.

In the classroom, this app could be used by a teacher to mark papers. I personally would really like this to make comments and to underline or make notes on the side. Students could also use this application to take notes themselves on a handout from a teacher.

On the SAMR model, it would be at the Augmentation level because it is a direct substitute to taking a screenshot by using “Shift, Command, 3” but it is has functional improvement because it allows you to use tools to modify the image taken. In order to get to the Modification level, I think you could be able to edit the photo in ways that would make it look like it was the original. Right now as it is, you can clearly see that the photo has been edited/modified. If you could make it look unmodified that would be even more advanced and would allow for significant task redesign, which is why it would be Modification level.

I used Skitch to take a photo of how I am doing on my learning project. So far I have mostly been using Duolingo to learn French and I have been trying my best to go on it every day for a few minutes. You can find a screenshot of my Duolingo progress here.

Here are some examples of what I am practicing right now:

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4

I am excited to continue using Snitch and to show you all how good I am getting at French!

Chao πŸ™‚

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