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    What A Journey!

    With this much snow on the ground, it is hard to believe that spring has sprung and the end of the semester is here. What a journey it has been! At the end of each semester, I find myself saying “wow I can’t believe how fast that went by” and this semester is no anomaly. This assignment – Learning Project, was like no other assignment I have done before and I loved every single moment of it. This learning project taught me so much more than what I showed on the surface of my blog posts. Yes- I did learn numerous digital design skills but I also learned how to…

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    Something NEW

    Hello everyone! Learning project update here! In the past weeks I have stuck to drawing plants as a guide for learning all of in ins and outs of Procreate. This week I decided to take all that information along with some new stuff I learnt and draw something a little different! This week I watched and followed along with a video that went over some tricks in Procreate to save you some time as well as some basic drawing theory. The biggest thing I took away from this video was learning about tangents. Tangents are one of the most commonly made errors in drawing and I had never heard of…

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    A Whole New World

    Hello everyone and welcome to my latest post! A few weeks ago, a friend of mine reached out to me asking if I could do him a favor. He has seen my work and was wondering if I could make a few prints for him. He is a member of the Business Student Society team at the U of R, and they were hosting a fundraiser for the homeless in collaboration with Carmichael Outreach. They called it Live for 5 did you hear of it? Yesterday was the last day. I was HONOURED to be asked to help out! They had 8 amazing donations from local companies and raised money…

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    Forever Updating

    Hey everyone! I hope that you are all having a fantastic week! This week I will be reflecting on our ever-changing world of technology after watching a keynote video by Michael Wesch a ____. This video was created in 2008, and it is a reflection of how quickly global culture changed after the development of the world wide web and specifically the webcam. My first takeaway after watching this video was how innocent we were to the development of the internet. We were clueless as to what was to come. After watching this, I also couldn’t help but realize that the developments that Wesch talks about are extremely outdated. The…

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    WeVideo…We Aren’t Sold On It

    Hello everyone! Thanks for checking out this week’s post. My learning project update this week looks a little bit different than usual. I used a platform called WeVideo to compile a video to show you exactly how I have been drawing on Procreate. First Impression: This was my first time using WeVideo, and it was definitely a learning curve! I found it to be similar to iMovie in terms of putting pre-recorded videos together. The biggest perk of WeVideo is that your account can be reached from anywhere as it is just a website login. Whereas iMovie is restricted to the device that you started the video on. I have…