Cricut Air Explore 2: Let’s Do This Thing

May 10, 2021 2 By elb776

Welcome to my blog about learning how to use my Cricut Air Explore 2! In this blog I will be documenting my progress in learning how to use the different features of my Cricut, and making some pretty neat projects in the process! As of right now, I’ve played around a little bit with it but all I know is the bare minimum (and I’m not good at the bare minimum might I add). Every time I’ve used it it has ended in me calling the machine stupid and getting frustrated and giving up.

With not knowing very much about the machine I did a quick google search about what the machines actual function is and what supplies I needed to make some projects…

I also searched a Cricut tutorial YouTube video to understand a small amount before actually diving into this! I will be using YouTube A LOT to learn this new skill!

After finding out this information I went to the closest Walmart to me (which is 45 minutes away from me) and got all the supplies I needed!

By the end of this class I hope to be able to know how to use the cut and draw function of my Cricut! I will be making three projects to show how I learned this!!