Everything is Easier With iMovie

May 25, 2021 2 By elb776

The tool that I chose to explore was iMovie!

Just incase you’re looking for iMovie

I’ve never used it before and thought that it would be so helpful when I become a teacher, especially in times like these. It would be super helpful to record a lesson and throw it into iMovie for a quick and easy way to edit it and then you could put it online for times like this where EVERYTHING is online! Other ways you could use it could be for a script scene in arts education and everyone can use their own clip to make one big movie.

The first thing that I did was create the title pages on Canva and upload them to the ‘My Media’ page. I was unsure of how to do this, so of course I searched it up on youtube and came up with this.

Where to upload media

The next thing I had to learn was how to split a clip because the Canva titles came all clumped together and my plan was the put videos in between each title. This is what I found for how to split a clip.

How to split a clip
Locating the speed button

From there on it became pretty self-explanatory. All of my media was uploaded and all of my titles were split with the videos in between, it just came down to the finer details. Speeding up videos and muting sound out of my videos.

Locating the sound button

I had previously had an audio app downloaded on my laptop so it was simple to talk through the iMovie I had made and upload it on top of my movie.

For the reasons stated above, in my opinion, I think that iMovie would fall under the modification level of the SAMR Scale.

I hope to go further into detail and become better at using this tool, which would be super beneficial in my teaching career. 

Check out the iMovie I made documenting my learning of how to use the drawing feature on my Cricut!!

Thanks for watching and reading my post and I hope to hear from you soon!