Let’s Do It!- Course Overview

So, in March 2020, December 2020 and then again in April 2021, I got the chance to teach online.

Did I teach a whole unit?

Not a chance! As embarrassed as I am to admit it… I just couldn’t do it!

There seemed to be so many barriers in the way… Lack of attendance, unreliable devices, my extremely basic knowledge of technology… It was a really good time to review and nail down some loose ends!

However, with EC&I 834 giving me the knowledge, resources, and opportunity to develop an online course, I say bring on virtual teaching!

Although, I hope to never teach fulltime online again, I hope to integrate these tools in a blended learning format with my students, allowing flexibility, independence, quick assessment and the chance for students to become completely comfortable with technology and its tools at a young age, for whatever life throws their way! (Fingers crossed not another pandemic!)

So here it is… the first draft of my Grade 1 Patterning Unit, in Blended Learning style!

P.S- I’m open to all suggestions and critiques! There is a comment box below for a reason!

Course Overview: Grade 1 Patterning

Target Audience:

Grade 1 Students. Ages 6-7.

Course Timeline:

Expected to take 3 weeks but could vary depending on instructors’ timetable.

Course Delivery: 

This course will be delivered in a blended learning/online format. There will be a face to face component, along with online asynchronous activities and lessons to enhance students learning in the classroom and at home. Such activities will create an easy transition to online learning (synchronous and asynchronous) if circumstances occur.

Modules will include a short overview video or audio, of the target task. Along with an interactive activity to complete and a take home activity to complete at home.

Online modules and activities will be accessed through the class Seesaw portal. Here students will find class links to Zoom Meetings, Prodigy and Flipgrid. If transitioned to purely online, students will be encouraged to join meets at a common time to work alongside the instructor. However, Zoom classes will be recorded for students who are unable attend at the given time and activities can be completed at their own pace.


Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes: 

The course will complete the Grade 1, Saskatchewan Outcome Patterns and Relations.


Demonstrate an understanding of repeating patterns (two to four elements) by:

  • describing
  • reproducing
  • extending
  • creating patterns using manipulatives, diagrams, sounds, and actions.

([C, PS, R, V])


Translate repeating patterns from one form of representation to another. ([C, R, V])


I can statements….

Each “I can statement” represents a module student will complete.

  1. I can identify and describe a repeating patterns core.
  2. I can find errors in a repeating pattern.
  3. I can complete and extend repeating patterns.
  4. I can reproduce repeating patterns using manipulatives, diagrams, sounds or actions.
  5. I can create my own repeating pattern using manipulatives.
  6. I can find and explain repeating patterns in my environment.
  7. I can find repeating patterns in my daily schedule and calendar.
  8. I can translate repeating patterns from one form to another.
  9. I can create a repeating pattern using a letter code.

Course Material/ Considerations: 


This course will be most successful if majority of families have access to at least one device and wifi at home. Although prior teaching will occur, it would be helpful to have an adult or older family member at home to help guide students.

For each activity, there will be a paper/ hands on copy to complete at home if family has difficulty accessing technology and wifi. Activities and lessons are short, to accommodate shared deceives at home. During face to face learning, students will also be given the opportunity to work on technology. They can use this time to demonstrate their completed hands-on activity online or catch up on modules missed.

All at home modules will also be briefly discussed and reviewed the following day.

English Language Learners:

For EAL families, simple translation of instruction will be provided during Seesaw translation tool.



Students will be encouraged to utilize modules if they are not able to attend school due to illness, weather, trips, etc.

Students will be given time in class to complete modules they were unable to at home, those who are completed will be given the opportunity to play learning games during their tech time as an incentive.


Students and families will be given updates and information using personal emails, Edsby, google classroom and/or telephone calls. Families are encouraged to ask questions or communicate concerns in order best utilize this course.


Students will be encouraged to share their understanding through Seesaw activities and quizzes,  personal Prodigy and Flipgrid accounts, and through posted or emailed pictures of completed tasks.

During face to face and synchronous zoom meetings, the class will share understanding through Kahoot, Blooket and Boom cards.

Student understanding will be assessed through teacher observations and conversation, is person and online. As well as, data    collected from SeesawProdogy, Kahoot, (Snapshot of Prodigy Assessment)               Blooket, Boom cards and handed                                                                                                   in/ emailed assignments.

(BlooketStudentReport)(Kahoot Student Report)

I believe this will be a beneficial course for my students due to the flexibility of completion, independence and responsibility of self-learning, applicable and relevant skills of our time and engaging course outcomes.

5 Replies to “Let’s Do It!- Course Overview”

  1. Hi Brooke,

    I really like your idea of recording the Zoom lessons for student who missed or students who attended can go back and view the lesson. This may also be helpful for the adult at home to view if they are not understanding something, in order to help the student. This is something I may consider for my course as well.


  2. I love these ideas! Good for you for embarking on this journey with such young students! I saw in supplemental and remote learning that grade 1s can totally do it… Just takes a little extra scaffolding to get there. I applaud you for teaching that grade! Looking forward to seeing your journey!

  3. Hi Brooke, really excited to see your project over the coming months. Also, really commend you for engaging young students in this way. In my role as an administrator, one common discussion with elementary teachers has been “how do we engage our youngest learners using online platforms?” You have outlined some really unique and fun ideas that I’m sure will be excellent to embed in real life classrooms. This is really well done.

  4. Hey Brooke,
    I love that you tackled math for this course! You have a great list of resources to use, I had never heard of DeepL so I’ll be investigating it! Consider having students use “insert image” to show their thinking process when solving problems on Google Slides, I found myself needing to see their process more to identify the source of their errors when virtual since I can just walk around and observe!

  5. Hey Brooke, super excited that you are venturing into the Google Classroom world with your kiddo’s. I look forward to following your online journey!

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