Summary of Learning

What a semester!

I can’t believe how fast it’s gone… I guess it’s true what they say, time flies when you’re having fun! And Learning…. And feeling Successful!
As I have reflected many times before, technology has never really been my thing and when the pandemic hit and suddenly our lives became dependent on the use of technology like never before. That being said, I really can admit I did a terrible job teaching remote learning at that time.

I can proudly say I would do a much better job if I encounter another pandemic in the future. And if not, (fingers crossed) I have gained tools, platforms and most of all confidence incorporating technology into my classroom daily.
Thank you EC&I 834 for an amazing semester!


For a Closer Look at the Book!



9 Replies to “Summary of Learning”

  1. Brooke,

    Your summary is engaging and so creative! You did a great job summing up your experience in this course and the knowledge you’ve gained. Plus, I’m a big fan of anything that rhymes!

    I am with you on that remote learning note! I feel way more prepared and confident should the occasion arise that we need to teach online, but hopefully not due to a pandemic!

    It was a pleasure learning alongside you this term– best wishes for your future classes! 🙂

  2. Great job, Brooke!

    To second what Leigh said, I also love anything that rhymes haha.
    I love hearing how everyone has taken away a lot of great information from this course! It is so valuable for our students and it really makes a difference in our pedagogy as well! We never thought we would face a pandemic and here we are. I agree, I would handle a sudden jump to remote learning much differently, and also feel comfortable designing course content to be an online teacher as well!
    Great summary of learning!
    Very engaging! Well done!

  3. Brooke,
    Thank you for your summary of learning! Your heart is truly in early education and it shows through your summary and creation of your class prototype. I have enjoyed learning and working with you this semester. Well done!


  4. So much fun! I love how you made it like you were really teaching. I truly believe that we all would have been better at this pandemic teaching if we had time to plan – but teachers are flexible and creative and we have all survived for the better.

  5. This is so awesome Brooke, so creative. I agree with what Leona said, teaching during this pandemic would have been so much easier if we had time to plan.

  6. Wow! Very cool Brooke! I loved your key connections to the course, and you documented it in a smooth and easy transition with each page! I really like the book, and hope that it may be available for future students!

    Thanks for a great semester and all the best as you continue on in your masters.

  7. Brooke,
    I absolutely loved your book! What a creative way to display your learning to the class. You not only shared your key learnings but were able to make it look pretty and flow smoothly as well. I enjoyed our discussions during the small group break out sessions in class and reviewing your modules. Like you, I have had many important takeaways from this class and feel more informed and prepared for online learning. Good luck with your future grad classes!

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