The Grade Finale- Finale Prototype Submission

Well here it is!

Although, I still have much to learn about the world of online teaching, I am proud of what I have accomplished through this class. As I have mentioned many times, when we first headed to online learning, my lessons were not very good… to be kind, and technology use in the classroom, was an extra add on, that was a special activity for the students.

Man oh man, how that has changed!!

In my EC&I384 course, I have become so much more confident in implementing technology throughout my everyday lessons, and even sending some “homework” to engage family members in the learning. There are so many teacher/student friendly platforms, that truly enhance and engagement in students learning! I would love to go back and adjust my teaching style during online learning, although do not wish for another pandemic….ever!

In this prototype, my focus was to create a well-organized, easy to use, underwhelming system, for students, families and teachers to connect with. I believe my choice of Seesaw as a management system was a game changer. I initially was going to try Google Classroom, but switched it up halfway through and so happy I did.

For a more in depth look at my course, take a look at my blog post titled Let’s do it- Course Overview. I also posted a walkthrough of Module One which discusses some more of my rationale and the idea behind the set up of my course. This is found in my post It’s a Start.

It really was just a start! Once one module was completed, peers reviewed my profile and module and provided excellent feedback, that made it even more student friendly! I truly appreciated the extra sets of eyes, to express a different perspective than simply my thought process.

Below I have provided a course walk through where you will get a quick sneak peak of the modules and the tools I loved using Seesaw!

If you would like to explore a little more, use the link provided and instructions to sign in as “Suzie” using these instructions. SuzieLogIn

If you want to explore as a teacher, just let me know in the comments and I will send the sign in your way!

Feel free to critique and provide feedback!

And thank you to all my EC&I834 friends! You have taught me so much over the course of this semester!


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  1. Hi Brooke,
    It was great to watch your walkthrough and see how your course has developed! You have really dug into the functions of Seesaw which I wasn’t aware of like the translate option and collections. Once again, I really like that you used this LMS for your young learners. It makes total sense! Well done!

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