Oh Technology, What Would We Do Without You!

Technology is a naturally engrained part of my day, from the time I wake up until the time I go to sleep, I am connected in some sort of way. Even when I intentionally disconnect, technology is what gets me to that space.

Now, because technology is such a huge part of every day, I decided to categorize the uses up into three sections, Communication & Connection, Effective & Efficiency, and of course Luxury & Entertainment.

The list was overwhelming so I tried to break it down as best I could without writing a novel.

I came to realize that although I am not the techiest person, man on man do I rely on technology.

Communication & Connection:

Devices: Cell Phone, Computer

Apps: Text Message, Facetime/Zoom, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Email

If I had to choose one thing technology did for me, it would be the most basic of communication. I feel so grateful to have a device that keeps me consistently connected with family and friends. It puts my mind at ease to check in with a sick friend, School emails keeps me organized and on top of my duties for the week, I can share good news with my family in one place, and I can get a sweet video from my niece and nephew to bright up my day. As many would probably agree, all these simple methods of communication, became more valuable than ever during the Covid Lockdowns. Although nothing replaces face to face connection, I am truly thankful that I never missed a beat even in months of not seeing loved ones!

Effective & Efficiency:  

Devices: Computer, Projector, Cell Phone

Apps: Various Teacher Subscriptions, Email, Pinterest, TPT

Although I am most thankful for communication, without technology I would be completely lost in my work as a teacher. First, I would be late to work every day, I would spend every moment of my free time prepping for teaching and guaranteed my lessons would not be engaging at all!


My first thought was back to when I was in elementary school, how my teachers would have to hand write report cards, and notes and make their own worksheets! Jeepers!! Thank goodness for copy & paste, and printers!!

Now, with a click of a button I have access to pre-made lessons, worksheets, units, and various tools and videos to engage in those lessons. We have so many options, and although it can be extremely overwhelming, we are so lucky that if one way of teaching doesn’t work we can instantly show student more examples or a variety of different way to get the outcome across. Not to mention teach me concepts I don’t know!

We can project videos, interactive platforms and examples and even do examp

les along with the students using a document cam.

These devices also make me reliable! With the use of my phone I can wake up on time, check the traffic updates for my route to school and access to instant communication to help colleagues and students’ families.

Luxury & Entertainment:

Devices: Cell P

hone, AirPods, Watch, Wifi

Apps: Social Media, Music, Netflix, etc., Skip the Dishes

Okay, okay… I know I talked the other sections up, but of course I love my little bit of luxury that technology provides me. I start my day with a really smart lamp that imitates a sunrise so I can wake up slowly and cozy…. How it works, I don’t know…WIFI?

Then I roll over and the first thing I do is grab my phone, look for any updates from family and friends. Then, get this, before I even get out of bed I know how to dress for the weather, updated on current events and posting and I am reminded to pay my bills and transfer the money over in minutes. It’s amazing!

Then I slip on my watch, which will tell me how many steps I take, how many hours I stand and exercise, and get this it will remind me when to breath when I need to relax!

As I drink my coffee, I scroll through my social media platforms where I am informed of all the gossip, who’s birthday it is and get jealous of all the people traveling the world! I then pop in my AirPods that sync up to my watch and phone so when I go for a run, I can have my little friend Siri, tell me how many km’s I’ve gone, my pace, she’ll skip songs for me and would even reply to text messages if I wanted!

If I chose to workout inside, I have my own personal trainer on my fitness app or if I want to hit the treadmill, I can try to forget I’m running by somehow magically cast one of my pointless reality shows from my phone to the tv.

These routines all happen before 7 am…

As my day goes on, technology is consistently my source of information, entertainment and of course communication.

I do enjoy a good break from, MOST technology, when at the cabin or out camping, but evidently it is the reason I am there. It is how I book my camp sites and pointed me in the right direction with the help of Google Maps. It is how I ordered the groceries and the sleeping bag I am using.

The list goes on and on and on. Our world completely relies on technology. Although it sometimes gets a bad wrap for being unreliable or tricky or killing our brain cells…. When used properly it saves us time, creates community, and of course keeps us amused!

Thank you Technology!! Don’t know what I would do without you!

6 Replies to “Oh Technology, What Would We Do Without You!”

  1. Hi Brooke,
    I love that you have technology use categorized – it helps me keep it organized in my own brain! Despite being an online teacher, I like to think that I have properly distanced myself from tech away from the classroom…..but your post reminds me I am still so reliant. Like you, I cannot imagine teaching without modern conveniences. I often wonder, if WIFI went down for an indefinite amount of time around the world, how would we adapt as teachers? I know we would – we always do, but what a challenge it would be. It’s interesting to think, too, where technology will take us (in the classroom) in the next few decades. Any thoughts on that? I’ve watched a few (somewhat disturbing) videos about AI in the classroom, but I truly don’t believe it can ever replace human connection. When I think about teaching online, I appreciate Zoom and various other apps, but I know my students come to class for the connection aspect more than anything else.

    1. Ohhhh very good points!
      First off, I really can’t imagine teaching online, alllll the time! I would definitley need a break after that all day!
      The idea of AI in the classroom freaks me out!!! Not only because I would lose my job but for the connections students have with many of their teachers!
      I am currently working in a school where students, unfortunetly, have experienced trauma from a young age. To many the school is full of adults that make them feel safe and have someone to trust. Those connections can be formed online as well, but to have like a “robot” working with young children makes me sad! I do not know much about AI at all so my interpertation may not be very accurate!

  2. Thank you Brooke for such a well organized post! I imagine your classroom runs like clockwork the way you categorize and organize related information.

    Your lamp sounds like an amazing gadget, the idea of waking up to a gentle sunrise sounds quite a bit more appealing than my routine of a screeching alarm and bright lights (it feels like the police kicking down the door…). It is interesting reading everyone’s blogs posts as you start to notice patterns. After waking up many people reach for their phones right away to catch up and be informed. I can’t help but contrast this to years ago when you might not have had any new information until you picked up a newspaper, or listened to the radio on the way to work.

  3. Thanks for the engaging post, Brooke! I liked how you separated your technology use into categories as it really highlighted how much technology is integrated into our everyday lives. I can relate to all the different areas and apps that you use, and agree that although tech can be tricky, it really does its job of keeping us connected and engaged. I think as an educator that is what I strive most to teach my students about technology. Sure, we look at all the different tools and teach about digital safety, but at the end of the day, I hope they use technology to stay connected to the world around them and use it as a source of engagement both socially and academically. Again, thanks for the insight, and I am looking forward to your future posts.

  4. Hi Brooke! I was happy to see your name on the class list this semester. I too think of the technology we used in Elementary school over at Pawson, and boy has it come a long way. I couldn’t imagine teaching without copy & paste and commercial photocopiers and printers let alone my teacher device. Similarly, I shared how I use different technology throughout the day in my blog post, however I like how to categorized them into the 3 different sections. It can be so difficult to distance ourselves from technology when literally all aspects of our lives have been intertwined with technology in some way shape or form. But it is nice to disconnect every so often when we get the chance to!

  5. I too really like how you categorized the ways in which you use technology. Many people who think that they aren’t very techy use technology on a daily basis, depending on what you consider technology to be. From when I first started teaching until now, technology has come a long way. From the computers we use, to the photocopiers, whiteboards, projectors and everything in between, things have advanced, changed, and made teaching a lot easier. Even sites such as Pinterest and TPT have been super helpful as well. But I also think that it is so nice when we get to take a break from technology and focus on using a different part of our brains, something we are seeming to forget lately–imagination and creativity.

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