About Me!


My name is Brooke Kemp, and I am a grade 1/2 teacher in Regina, Sk. I have many passions, and lucky for me, my job happens to be one of them! I love the ability to interact with young children, expert colleages and caring community members. The joy students have when the learn, try or accomplish something new is contagious! It is such a pleasure to get to be apart of that experience with them. The best part is, everyday I get to be that little kid again! Each day at school is a new experince fill with unique adventures!

How lucky am I, that I can learn, play and teach all in one space?!

This past year, I wanted to expand that space even more and made the decision to go back to the University of Regina to work on my Master’s degree in Curriculm and Instruction. Which is actually why I have created this blog! While bloging right now feels extremely uncomfortable to me, I hope to become more tech. savy thanks to my recent enrollment in EC&I 834!

Watch out there is a new blogger in town!

Twitter: Miss. Kemp