Hello, Is It Me You’re Trying to Ban?

Hello, Is It Me You’re Trying to Ban?

June 8, 2022 Off By Kimberly Kipp

The Trouble with Blanket Statements, Rules, and Rose-tinted Glasses…

Post 5: Debates 5&6 – Social Media is ruining childhood / Cell phones should be banned in schools.

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At the mere mention of cell phones, I knew I couldn’t bypass a little Adele/Lionel Ritchie meme action. Lionel represents the nostalgia I feel for my pre-WIFI/social media youth; Adele symbolizes a more modern perspective on cell phone inclusive classrooms. Dare I digress to the obvious dad joke? Who knew it could all meme so much? Groooooooan!

Two things set this post apart from previous reflections. First, these debate topics seem so interrelated I felt I could finally make a single Monday-night blog entry! Second, (are you ready for it?) I’m completing all of this on my iPhone, from the meme to the Spotify podcasts. If we suggest that students can and should use their cell phones for educational purposes, I want to test the practice for myself. As a fairly tech-savvy geriatric millennial, how hard can it be?

20 years later….okay, actually 5 hours, I can tell you….it’s time-consuming but a uniquely fun experience (for me). If you only have time to skip around on my podcast or no time at all (June is something!) scroll down to my questions. I would love to hear your opinions, insights, and experiences!

Guess what? If you use Spotify on your phone, you can listen to me on high speed (chipmunk style) so I don’t ramble on and on and on! Join me for my first Podcast (brought to you by the Anchor Phone App). Debate 5: Social media is ruining childhood.   

Kipp’s Debate 5 Questions:

  • Do you think you view your childhood/generation with rose-tinted glasses? Do you think everything was as golden as we claim it was, or were there many issues that were swept under the rug, now brought to light by social media?
  • What are you seeing in your classrooms? Are your students only using social media in a negative way? Or, if taught proper use, are they using it effectively to promote social change and amplify their voices?
Second podcast, brought to you by the Anchor App and Spotify. Debate 6: Cellphones should be banned in schools.

Kipp’s Debate 6 Questions:

  • Do you think there’s a difference in cell phone use being effective in elementary/middle schools versus high schools?
  • Have you enforced a no-cell phone ban in your classroom/school/home?
  • If the ban is school-wide, are different teachers opposed to it?
  • Or, are you allowing cell phones in your classroom? How are you using it as a tool and “enforcing” mindful use in/out of the classroom?