Summary of Learning: Escape the Nexus: A Digital Odyssey

Summary of Learning: Escape the Nexus: A Digital Odyssey

December 4, 2023 Off By Kimberly Kipp

Welcome to my summary of learning! I have created a video overview of my digital escape room game, Escape the Nexus; however, I encourage you to enjoy as much or as little of the game itself!

Created using Genially

Game Key Points:

  • There are five challenge sites containing multiple games (videos, links, multiple choice, matching, images, etc) that highlight key aspects of digital citizenship.
    • You can play all of the games, or skip to the final challenges to receive the code letter(s).
  • At the end of each site challenge, I inserted reflection summaries of what I have learned and what I will be taking with me into the classroom.
  • If you want to skip the action/questions entirely and get to the “big bad” you can jump directly to site 5 in the Nexus.

Genially Game Link

Video Summary:

My digital citizenship journey in this class (and beyond) reveals certain core themes: Mindfulness, authenticity, connection, empathy, inclusivity, and lifelong commitment. I fully realize now that these themes (or values) cannot be neatly relegated to a single computer class or specialized teacher; they must be holistically embraced across grades and subjects to be effective and meaningful. Above all, I wish to equip my students, those around me, and myself with values and strategies that avoid complacency in the face of challenges in our increasingly digital world.

Thank you for sharing in all the learning, Dr. Alec and my fellow digital navigators!