The Mindful Grey: ECI 830 Summary of Learning

The Mindful Grey: ECI 830 Summary of Learning

June 18, 2022 Off By Kimberly Kipp

Wow, there just are no words. It’s cliche but that first class went by in a flash! Please enjoy my summary of learning. I keep trying to push myself outside of my comfort zones; from podcasts to videos…and now this. Slam poetry! Yes, you read that right, slam poetry…or my attempt at it.

None of this learning would have been possible without you all; so thank you for joining me on this snippet of my journey. Best wishes on your own path.

Wordart by Cloudform Slideshow by Prezi Video by WeVideo Slam Poetry by Moi

As well, I wanted to add closed captioning to my video, but I didn’t like how the words blocked my images. If you are deaf or hard of hearing, here’s a great website showing you how to view CC on any YouTube video.


View my slam poem in poster form on Canva here.

Until we meet again…