Kipp Masters Student Blog

And so, it begins…

Thanks for stopping in! My name is Kimberly but I answer to many names – Kim, Ms. K, Kipp, Kippy, Charlie (random, I know), mom- anything except Kimmy (please)!

My first (student) blog; the beginning of my Masters; yet another new chapter. I am all parts nervous and excited and bewildered….and grateful. So very grateful for this next step and anyone who joins me briefly or for the entire duration of this next adventure.

Just me

“We shall not cease from exploration, and

the end of all our exploring will be to

arrive where we started and know the

place for the first time.”

T.S. Eliot


Where to begin?

My pronouns are she/her and I am honoured to live on Treaty 6 land.  
In the last 13 years, I have taught every grade from 1-12, and for the past 2.5 years, I have been the K-7 Online Learning Support Teacher (OLST) for the Light of Christ School Division. 


1. My family consists of a husband, son, daughter, a friendly polar bear (Great Pyrenees) named Tank, and a small mountain lion (common housecat) named Arfield Jigglesworth/ AJ.
2. This is actually an info dump, but I am super passionate about: creative writing, reading (largely fiction and personal growth), learning, hiking, travelling, my family, mental health, and environmental/social justice.
3. I have travelled to over 60 countries now, and (when able) I can’t wait to return to exploring this beautiful world with my family.

Thank you for stopping in at the beginning of this tale…