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Summary of Learning: Kipp’s Masterpiece Theatre Presents: Cato’s Journey

Okay, “masterpiece” is an epic exaggeration, but I thoroughly enjoyed creating this ebook using Bookcreator.com (highly recommend using it with students, too). Cato’s fantastical learning journey – with an easily identifiable (but unnamed) philosophical guide –  mirrors my key learnings from this semester.  Thank you, Dr. Katia and classmates, for the discussions, blogs, research, and…

By Kimberly Kipp December 4, 2022 Off

Educational Technology: Neither Sinner nor Saviour

Defining the Variable: Ed-Tech When I think of educational technology, my (active) imagination transports me to AI classrooms and interactive hologram projections. Part of me views ed-tech as the saviour of classroom to world relevancy; another part of me suffers ominous flashes of Judgement Day and Matrix-laden doom! Of course, that’s not the reality…at least,…

By Kimberly Kipp September 24, 2022 Off