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Taco Tuesday!!

Even though this is being posted on a Wednesday I made them on a Tuesday… lol. But this week I wanted to try and make taco’s which are one of my favourite foods to eat and thought I’d give it a try! And just for the record they are super easy to make, I didn’t think they would be difficult but the whole process took me about 20 mins. Just a super quick and easy meal that everyone loves!

I got my taco recipe from Betty Crocker which I linked there for you for easy access if you wanted to give it a try! This recipe is super easy to follow and the website was very simple and easy to use. There were no issues in the making just smooth sailing. One thing I enjoy about tacos is that you can make them however you’d like and that there are also many different ways to make tacos! Instead of using ground beef you could use shrimp or even chicken! I might have to venture out and try making a different type of taco with possibly shrimp, just to try something new!

The main part of the process is cooking the ground beef. Now this took maybe around 10 mins or just until the meat is browned. You want to make sure you cook it all the way. I drained the beef, then added my seasoning packet and some water and just followed the instructions on the back. This was very simple and easy to follow and did not take long at all.

For my toppings I used cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and I added some salsa to it as well. I loove salsa on my tacos it is just so good!! One thing I wish I had was sour cream because I also enjoy that on my tacos but that was something I forgot to get at the store:( It’s okay though because they still turned out great! I would give these tacos a 10/10 they definitely hit the spot!

Here are the finished tacos

Do you prefer hard or soft tacos? I would like to see your answers, thanks for reading!


  • Kassia Nameth

    Hello Melina! Those taco’s look good! Maybe that’s what I’ll make for supper tonight! I am more or a soft shell taco kind of gal. Believe it or not I actually only had my first ever hard shell taco last year!

  • Sydney Kawa

    Hello Melina!

    I am a sucker for tacos, and I am most definitely on team soft taco! I feel like they keep all of the goodness inside and are much cleaner when you are eating them! Your tacos look absolutely delicious and are making me very hungry, I have not taken part in a taco Tuesday in quite some time but this post has inspired me to take part. They are so easy and fun to make, yet I seem to overlook them went thinking of something simple to make, this is for sure on my list? What are your favourite taco toppings? Thank you for sharing!

  • Allysia

    Hi Melina, your tacos look amazing! The title pulled me in! Keep up those headlines! I love soft tacos. I dont like the mess involved with hard ones. Also, Catalina dressing is my favorite on tacos.

  • Courtney Roppel

    Hey Melina, I also love tacos!
    I agree that they are super easy and can be made with so many different toppings. I love hard shells but when Im super hungry I have to mix it up and have both or else I would eat way to many! When I make a soft shell taco I also like to add peppers and cucumbers along with the tomatoes and lettuce! Im definatly gonna have to make tacos soon.

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