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This is No Kraft Dinner

Alright, for this weeks meal I was a little stumped and did not know what to make. So, I asked my family for some ideas and my brother reallyyy wanted Mac and Cheese. So, I gave him mac and cheese haha. This meal had me bring out my inner child and remembering eating good old Kraft dinner when I was younger (well maybe occasionally now too lol). I did my research and watched a few videos and read a few websites in order to find the perfect mac and cheese recipe to recreate. And I think I found a pretty good one. I used a YouTube video this week from The Cooking Foodie and got the delicious recipe!

The video was not long to watch at all and gave me step by step instructions on how to make the dish. I was able to follow along nicely without getting confused or flustered at all. It was very simple to watch and cook at the same time.

I started off with prepping my cheese and grating each one of them. There were 3 different types of cheese needed for this recipe, cheddar, mozzarella and gruyere (which I have never had before… not too bad). I then put a pot on and filled it with water and added salt of course. Added in my elbow shaped pasta then began working on my sauce. For the sauce I used another pot and added in the ingredients needed. Butter, flour, and milk. As well as the different types of seasoning to add flavour. Once this was all mixed I slowly added the cheese and continually mixed until it was all combined. I drained my noodles and mixed it into the sauce and got it all covered with the sauce. Then was my favourite part. I poured the macaroni into a baking dish and sprinkled some left over cheese as well as Panko bread crumbs on top for a little crunch factor. And let me tell ya, it was soo good!

I know it looks burnt but it tasted fine haha

This recipe turned out really good! And my brother was a huge fan of it which made me happy!! However, time management is still a work in process for me. I may have over cooked the macaroni just a tad but it still turned out fine! I just get so focused on one thing at a time I tend to forget other things are cooking too.. lol. Overall, I would make this recipe again as it did not take me very long and was a simple one.

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